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Finding better buyers by being on First Page of Google with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

I’m the guy who builds, maintains and optimizes websites for car dealers who understand that the car buying experience starts way before a customer darkens your door. It starts online.

I know that optimizing a dealers name and location is not enough. Each and every vehicle on your website needs to be indexed by the major search engines in order to have a prayer of showing up in an online search.

I have over 20 years in the car business and I know the first thing that every customer asks you when they get to your lot; “How much is this one?”, “How much is that one?” Then they ask; “do you have a red one (or some other color)”.

Then they want to know the mileage. After that, they want to crawl around the vehicle and look at the upholstery, the dash, the motor and the trunk.

I know that you’ll be hard pressed to get a customer who is looking for a $10,000. vehicle to buy a $5,000. vehicle.

On the other hand, that same customer will look at… and many times end up with a $12,000. – $15,000. vehicle.  A large percentage of the time a customer ends up buying something other than the first vehicle that they look at. That is why I drive customers to your website.

This is the tip of the Iceberg when it comes to what a developer should know in order to get placement for your vehicles online.  The questions that a customer asks on the lot are the same questions they will type into a search bar.

Make your website more than a business card sitting on your desk.  Contact me at: ddye2531@gmail.com and get started today!

Vehicle listings are the life blood of a Car Dealer Website and in most cases are never optimized.  My specialty is creating Dynamic Car Dealer Websites, optimizing those listings so the folks who are looking online can find them.

At any given time there are dozens (if not hundreds) of cars just like the one you are trying to sell listed on websites waiting for Google to serve them up to the buying public. The only real chance that your cars are ever going to show up is if you have each and every listing optimized, submitted and indexed by the major search engines.


You owe it to yourself to promote your own website.

Like all car websites Craigslist, Cars.com and Autotrader.com allow their customers to shop by price and mileage.  When a buyer is looking for their next car, they want the one with the lowest price and the lowest miles.  When your vehicle fits those categories and someone buys it, I know that you would prefer them telling their friends that they found it at your store instead of them saying that the found it on Autotrader.com or Cars.com?  If you are going to use your “special deals” to promote craigslist, cars.com or autotrader.com., you owe it to yourself to use those same vehicles to promote your own website.  I know how important it is to get customers on your lot.  It isn’t only about the sale but repeat and referrals as well.


The internet is more sophisticated than it has ever been!  When you are looking for something, or want to know about something, what do you do?  If you are like most people, you will type your question (or query) into a search bar.  That is what buyers are doing too.
My business is SEO (search engine optimization) for car dealer vehicle listings.  I create listings that will show up on-line where buyers are searching for their next car.  I do this on a “stand alone” website, without the distraction of your competitors.


You have probably done a pretty good job of getting the name of your store to show up in a search for car dealers in your area.  People who only trade cars every few years don’t usually start their internet search by looking for a car dealer (unless they have been referred by someone).  Most people will start by typing the vehicle that they hope to find (along with some criteria like price range, make, model and the location where they would hope to find their next vehicle) into a Google search.


It’s the internet and things change all the time! Years ago, before the internet got as sophisticated as it is today, you almost had to use a directory like Autotrader.com or Cars.com. to get found online.  Today, anyone can simply type what they are looking for into a Google search and … there it is!  Look online for some cars for sale in your area and you will see the progressive dealers, the same dealers that you are competing with, on the first page!  If you are going to compete, you will have to optimize your vehicle listings!   

Look for yourself.

When a customer gets the notion to start looking for their next car, it is likely that they don’t have a history of looking for cars on the internet.  If you really want to know how others will see your cars on-line, you should clear your cookies and browsing history before you check to see if your vehicles are showing up in different types of searches.  (there are many YouTube videos that explain how to clear your cookies and browsing history).

I’m an volunteer editor for the Open Directory Project.  “The Open Directory Project is the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web”.  It keeps me in tune with what the search engines are looking for and how best to optimize your vehicle listings.  My only business is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for car dealers’ who like the idea that their vehicles will show up online.  I have a long history of selling cars.  I’ve taken thousands of ups and sold thousands of cars.  Now, my focus is using my knowledge of what buyers are looking for to optimize your listings and get them showing up on the First Page of Google.

Make the Internet Search Engine Results Work For You.

For a fraction of what you would spend on Autotrader.com or Cars.com I can get your vehicles showing up on the internet (the First Page of Google) where the buyers are!

Contact me at: ddye2531@gmail.com and get started today!

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