Paying for Autotrader

 Autotrader is effective for selling your cars that are priced under the market.  That is, as long as you have the advertising budget to justify them.  With a little time your own website can create more quality traffic, not to mention repeat and referral business.


With these numbers in mind you can see why it might be hard to stand out:  According to Wikipedia…Autotrader is an “online marketplace for car shoppers and sellers.  It aggregates millions of new, used, and certified second-hand cars from thousands of dealers and private sellers”.


  By performing proper Website Management and SEO buyers can find your vehicles in their first Google search.  Let’s face it… would you rather have your buyers comparing one of your cars with the other vehicles on your website or one of your cars with the almost countless other vehicles on Autotrader?


In order for your used car listings to appear on the first page of Google you will have to have them optimized.

  Paying for Autotrader to advertise your cars and advertising your cars on your own website will have very different results.  All of your vehicle listings are used by Autotrader to promote their website.  You should be doing this for yourself and not your competition!  The results that you see will come in the form of more buyers, repeat and referral customers (That is… if you are using your own website to advertise your cars).  Customer retention and customer loyalty are not benefits that come from Autotrader.

  Most dealers that you talk to will tell you that they spend between $600.00+ and $1200.00+ per month to list their inventory on Autotraders’ site.  This isn’t a huge amount of money for most dealers to spend on advertising.  But, for some dealers, paying for Autotrader can be their entire advertising budget.

For a fraction of what it costs to advertise with Autotrader we provide the  SEO that will get your inventory on the first page of Google.

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