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Branding car dealers by their inventory

I’m a web developer. I specialize in branding used car dealers by their inventory.

I do all my own work, answer my own phone and limit myself to how many dealers that I work with.

With a lifetime in the car business, I am very familiar with what car dealers are trying to achieve. I’m just as familiar with the frustrations and necessity of having to use a directory like Craigslist, Autotrader or where they are branding their own sites with your money and inventory.

I’m here to provide branding to your store!

Here is part of an article from NADA about the significance of getting online with your inventory;

Data, Technology and Insight: Digital Trends in Auto Retailing (Perspective October 2014 from;

Majority of buyers use the Internet to shop

Dealer contact has gone virtual While estimates differ across sources, many agree that the increased amount of time spent online means that consumers visit fewer dealerships to acquire the basic information necessary to support a purchase. A survey by DME automotive found that 71% and 62% of new and used vehicle buyers, respectively, visited no more than two dealerships before buying. Similarly,’s 2012 Have Internet Will Travel report stated that 58% of car buyers visited just one to two dealerships before making a purchase. That’s not to say that consumers are no longer reliant on dealers to provide information — much of the gathering process has simply shifted to the virtual world. In fact, dealer sites were ranked ahead of manufacturer sites, search engines and third-party sites as the number-one source of information for consumers during the shopping process in a Google research study titled Digital Drives Auto Shopping. And while dealership visits have become less frequent, they haven’t become less important, as consumers in the Google study ranked “dealer visit, test drive, and salesperson” well above “family and friends” as the primary in-person sources of information most influential in determining what to purchase. Numerous other studies have drawn similar conclusions.

Research consistently shows that consumers spend considerably more time looking for a new or used vehicle online than offline. For example, the 2013 Polk/ Automotive Buyer Influence Study revealed that new and used vehicle shoppers spent an average of 10 and 11.75 hours, respectively, online during the car buying process. In contrast, new and used buyers spent averages of 3.75 and 3.5 hours, respectively, shopping offline.

Having your used car store branded by your inventory has always been very important. No less today than 30 years ago. Today… it needs to be online.

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Get more happy customers.

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